About Infrared Heat

Why is Infrared Hot Yoga so different and so much better than hot air coming from an a/c vent???  

Sweating  is as essential to our body as eating and breathing. Scientific analysis shows that INFRARED heat induced sweat contains around 7x  more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat. Just relaxing in our INFRARED studios  allows you to eliminate stored waste, (metabolic waste, environmental toxins, city pollution, fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, alcohol, and nicotine.) 

 What is INFRARED Heat?

Infrared rays are often referred to as "happy rays". Infrared heat stimulates the release of endorphins, "the happy hormones,” in our brain. That is one of the reasons we love being in the sun so much.

How does INFRARED heat work? 

When infrared waves penetrate water, (our body contains 60% - 70% water) the water molecules begin to vibrate, reducing the ion bonds between them and thus decreasing the size of water clusters.This gives them greater mobility to carry toxins trapped in the cells and expel the toxins through the lymph system out of the body.
Infrared waves penetrate tissue, triggering the mobilization of chemicals from fat stored under the skin directly into the sweat. After about 20 minutes the increased body heat starts releasing stored fat.
Photons emitted by infrared waves help release enzymes which increase the elimination of damaged and diseased tissues. During this process nitric oxide is released, which expands capillaries and increases circulation, carrying toxins to the lymph system and out of the body. Nitric oxide improves heart function through better blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.
Exercise itself assists the body to mobilize toxins, but infrared heat accelerates this process immensely.
Infrared heat works from under the skin. Thus, there is no need for extreme temperature in the studio. Infrared waves penetrate the body by 1.5 to 2 " and heat you from the inside out.
Toxins in our food and environment greatly contribute to premature aging, obesity, low energy levels, cancer, low immunity, depression, insomnia, and many other damaging conditions. Infrared heat easily removes stored toxins from your body and helps reduce cellulite. It will also rejuvenate your skin. You will look and feel younger.

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