About Us

Owner, Mike Underwood, created this state of the art facility to exceed your expectations and to give you a place like no other to expand your yoga practice in a cutting edge environment. Mike is dedicated to a healthy, safe yoga experience that will leave you with a positive transformation! Our foundation is based on the idea that we are all created by God’s divine design to move and breathe and become uniquely aware of our own potential both on and off the mat. In our classes, there is freedom to express your practice whether you are a beginner or advanced participant. Instructors encourage modifications during each class, as well as advanced variations for those who are ready for more. Our varied class schedule includes basic entry-level opportunities for the brand new beginner, upbeat exciting classed to enhance your natural endorphins and more challenging classes with yoga and fitness sequences to strengthen your core and sculpt your body.

We strive to make your experience at Blue Moon one that provides you space that is free from mystical symbolism. Find your sanctuary at Blue Moon as we encourage you to embrace the meaning of being created in the image of God. Enjoy your body. Live healthy. Be happy.  Accept yourself!

We are glad that you are here.

At Blue Moon Yoga and fitness, one small step on your mat, leads to one giant step for your health.


Awesome Instructors

The instructors at Blue Moon are all certified in their various traditions, and together share in the goal to help each participant feel comfortable and welcome at our studio. We believe in the importance of honoring yourself on your mat, respecting those around you, and accepting each other whole heartedly. Each teacher on our staff has a unique approach and a personal expression to their teaching techniques that gives you a diverse learning experience to incorporate into your personal practice.

Click here to meet our instructors.



Awesome Amenities

Infrared Heat
Infrared is often referred to as the "happy rays" . Infrared heat stimulates endorphins "the Happy Hormones " in our brain. That is one of the reasons we love being in the sun so much. Check out our Studio Tour for more details...


Antimicrobial Zebra Mat Flooring
Zebra Mat flooring is known for its use throughout the world and preferred by the World's Elite Training Facilities and Athletes! Check out our Studio Tour for more details...


Beautiful bath facilities save you time and you don't have to sacrifice your workout!
Some of our clients prefer to clean up at the studio right after class and don't have time to run home. Therefore we have built in bath facilities to meet the needs of a busy schedule.
For The Women: We have women's showers 3 each. Women's toilet stalls 3 each. Women's sinks 3 each. Lockers or cubbies are available.
For the Men: We have men's showers 2 each. Men's toilet stalls 2 each. Men's sinks 2 each. Lockers or cubbies are available.
Check out our Studio Tour for pictures and more details...


Truly fresh air for those jam-packed classes!
Our studios are equipped with giant exhaust air handlers which can pump in fresh air from the outside and remove and replace all of the "used " air from a class in the studio in less than 10 minutes. Check out our Studio Tour for more details...


Two separate practice studios.
Blue Moon features two practice studios, both are equipped with the above phenomenal features.


Awesome Technology

Blue Moon Yoga & Fitness is pleased to be one of the first yoga studios in the area to offer our yogis a super convenient and FREE mobile app which keeps you instantly connected when you are on the go. Our mobile app is available on any Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play to:
- access class schedules
- get class descriptions
- get GPS driving directions
- contact the studio
- get instant notifications on schedule or teacher changes
- easily connect with other yogis
- meet our instructors
- never miss another workshop, specialty class or event
- connect with us on social media
- share your pictures and progress
- … and much, much more!

Come prepared to sweat, be challenged, laugh, and feel great. Bring a yoga mat, beach-sized towel and water. We also have these items for $1 each at the studio.

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136 N Orchard Street
Ormond Beach, FL 32174-9534


We are typically only in studio 30 minutes before and after class. Please check the schedule for class times.