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Yoga for Life

Yoga for Life is for anyone who wishes to revitalize and restore muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility. Mary Anne will lead the class through a Kripalu-style practice. "Kripalu" translates to "compassion." You will be challenged to listen to what your body needs and doesn't need through the sequence of yoga postures. Students can take their practice to the level that best suits their needs be it beginner to more advanced. This class is offered in a LESS HEATED environment to give students the therapeutic benefits of our state-of-the-art infrared heat.

Yoga Basics Hot

Yoga Basics is a slow-flowing practice of 26 basic Hatha yoga postures. Each posture is executed and held through a round of steady breathing to allow your body to absorb the strengthening, stretching and revitalizing benefits before moving onto the next posture. This sequence is designed to restore and build agility into the musculature and spine. All opposing muscle groups are addressed for a comprehensive practice. This class is offered HOT at 95 degrees. Yoga Basics is beginner-friendly, and appropriate for all fitness levels. For the advanced practitioner, weighted wrist and ankle bands are encouraged.

Deep Slow Flow (1 hr 15min)

This class focuses on toning the muscle groups by incorporating a sequence of yoga postures and core strengthening exercises, with stretches, or what's known as Yin postures. This class is intended to work-out (fatigue) and stretch-out (relax) various muscle groups focusing on  hips and thighs, while systematically lengthening and strengthening your body. Deep Slow Flow is a great compliment to your fitness regime by increasing your range of motion and flexibility. A beginner-friendly class that offers challenges for the more experienced yogi as well. The room is HOT at 95 degrees.


CARDIOGA! is a metabolic based training program designed to fire up your muscles and metabolic rate to create a leaner, healthier you. This is not another cross fit or bootcamp class, CARDIOGA! applies yogic principles to keep your mind engaged and focused on achieving your fitness goals and getting the most out of every movement, muscle and moment during class. Metabolic training is the process of completing a group of exercises with little rest in between to maximize calorie burn and strengthen your heart muscle. This is a high intensity class that makes you feel the challenges as you're creating changes in your body. If you're ready to shake up your fitness, routine, join Donna for this extraordinary fitness class! THE ROOM IS HEATED.


YogaGuruv is an energetic fun-filled Guruv'n class with music that will make your practice come alive! Step out of your comfort zone and shake up your yoga routine. Move with the rhythm through your traditional yoga poses with a little added twist to the hips that engages and tones your core. This class is for all levels and for those looking to be empowered, uplifted and just want to Guruv with their yoga! THE ROOM IS HEATED

Basic Flow

Basic Flow brings fluidity to basic Hatha yoga postures by flowing seamlessly from one posture to the next. Basic Flow is offered in both Hot and Room Temperature varieties. This class is offered HOT at 95 degrees. Basic Flow is a great transitional class between Yoga Basics and Vinyasa Flow.

Core Yoga

This one-hour class offers a flowing sequence of basic yoga poses to warm up your body, vinyasa flowing movements to energize and revitalize you, a core strengthening series to awaken your feeling of power, and yin stretches to help ease your body into those final "savasana" moments of relaxation. This class is a mix of yoga traditions to challenge you from head to toe, building your core strength through each segment, and is appropriate for all levels. The room is HEATED.

Hour of Power Vinyasa

Our Hour of Power Vinyasa is just that - a one-hour Baptiste-style Power Vinyasa Flow. The "Power" in this vinyasa flow class is not to be confused with a high degree of difficulty. While this class will challenge you, the "Power" comes from the sequence that is unique to any Baptiste-style class. Each series within the sequence builds upon the previous one systematically warming-up your body, igniting and energizing your body, and then revitalizing and cooling your body down making you feel rejuvenated and empowered. A one-hour class makes this a perfect mid-week work-out! The room is HOT at 95 degrees.

Basic Yoga/No Heat

This class incorporates basic yoga gently linked together to create a gradual, internal warm up for the body. The class is done at room temperature to accommodate those yogis that prefer no heat.

Core Fusion

Core Fusion is a combination of yoga asanas that raise the body's heat and increase physical endurance and core function to strengthen and tone the entire body. This class focuses on muscles that build strength from your center out.  The movements are slower and more measured while fusing muscle/core building and mind/body work. Stay true to the connection of your breath with your movement and learn to cultivate the balance within.

GENTLE Yoga For Life

GENTLE Yoga for life is an alignment-based class where poses are held longer so that students can pay close attention to form.  As such, this class is great for participants to become more comfortable with yoga and the various postures.  The class incorporates props such as straps and blocks to help any special needs such as injuries or structural imbalances.  Poses are adapted for students with physical limitations and gentle hands-on assists are used to allow the student to more fully experience the pose.  "Gentle" means this class is the "learning person's yoga" as participants truly learn the focus of each pose - what it strengthens and the benefits the body can gain when in the pose.  The class is gently heated.

Vinyasa Glow

Vinyasa Glow is a candlelight vinyasa flow practice. The instructor teaches from his or her mat with minimal instruction. The music is intended to invoke your own personal connection to God. Be physically challenged, yet spiritually enlightened. Students should be familiar with Vinyasa Flow. The room is HEATED.

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